The old weaving mills – a symbol of economic growth

Once they were among Austria's largest weaving mills for dyed textiles. Today, the Sägenhallen and the Campus V site are growing quickly into a pulsating centre for innovation, education, business, science, research, digitalisation, technology, art and culture with transregional appeal.

Sites such as the Tabakfabrik Linz, the Werksviertel Mitte in Munich and the Dortmunder U serve as inspiration and role models. Working together with regional and transregional partners and collaborative projects, we promote new forms of cooperation and innovation.

CampusVäre - Creative Institute Vorarlberg offers content development, programming and curation. METER BY METER, the halls and site are being developed and opened up to the public. Space is made available for creatives, start-ups, digitalisation and innovation.

Until the 1970s, the so-called Sägenhallen on Campus V were among the largest weaving mills in the country. Around the turn of the millennium, the city of Dornbirn bought the factory site from the textile company F.M. Hämmerle and made the industrial building available for urban development of the entire area.

“The city of Dornbirn consciously chose not to tear down the halls. Our plans for the site's new use are to gradually develop the industrial halls into a new centre for innovation and creativity as part of Dornbirn's urban history.” Mayor Andrea Kaufmann

"Creating this campus in Vorarlberg is unique in the four-state region and generates transregional appeal. Together, economic, scientific, cultural and educational institutions will dedicate themselves to the future and growth of this economic location and work together on socially relevant issues. This adds to the overall attractiveness of our region and gives us an additional competitive edge. An important piece of Vorarlberg's industrial heritage is becoming a symbol of growth through change and new trends." Regional Economic Secretary Marco Tittler



Nach einer sanften und nachhaltigen baulichen Adaption ganz im Sinne der berühmten Vorarlberger Baukultur durch JK&P Architekten werden ab Frühjahr 2025 unsere Mieter:innen als erste Pionier:innen ihren Platz in der Werkstatt zur Entwicklung der Zukunft beziehen und die Geschichte weiter schreiben. 

Die Geschichte dieses Ortes wird niemals fertig sein. Denn: Weiterentwicklung hat kein Ende.